Friday, September 15, 2006

Pray for Dietrich

Hello, fellow Followers, I have a prayer request! My Aunt is pregnant with twins named Sophie and Dietrich. (<-Pronounced "Dee-trik") They were all healthy the first couple of months, but Diet ("Deet") has stopped kicking and moving around like a normal baby does. She and her husband have just left for a hospital appointment, and hopefully, they'll say he's fine. Please pray for Diet!
Thank you! God bless, -Allie

The First Post

Good afternoon! Welcome to A Peaceful Life blog. There are four of us, Daniel (Grandfather), Suzanne (Grandmother), Gabriel (Uncle, but he'll only read, not post. He says he not "a blog-boy"), and then there's me! The Granddaughter. I'm the one who got everyone started on this and all because of The Rebelution blog. Go there! It's good.

God bless you and yours!